Consultancy [noun] – “a professional practice giving expert advice in a particular field.” (Compact Oxford English Dictionary)

For me, it all starts with listening. I think listening is underrated, especially in business. Only by listening can I understand what you really need and then begin to do something about it.

Maybe you need to find a better way of selling the benefits of your services. Perhaps the competition has a more dynamic image, or your clients don’t feel cared for, or the message you’re communicating sounds tired, confused or unfriendly. I can help you to clarify who you need to communicate with, what you want to say and how you want to say it.

I can also help you to gain insights into the people that matter to you – and put what I discover to use by sharpening your communications and improving operations.

What kind of stuff do I do?
Here are some examples of consultancy projects:
  • Devising and then delivering a communications strategy and plan for a national assessment programme for school children – with outstanding results measured by customer feedback
  • Conducting a strategic review of a museum’s marketing communications and operations – leading to major changes to boost visitor numbers
  • Developing a communications strategy and plan in support of a national think tank to ensure their work had a bigger impact
  • Conducting interviews to help determine the reputation of a professional body with its members – leading to fresh insights

Whatever your issue, why not get in touch to discuss how I can help.

Training and coaching

Good communication is crucial in business – so how are your communication skills, or those of your staff?

If you do fantastic work, but can’t convey it without sounding rubbish, you can probably learn to do it better. And I can probably help.

Business writing and communication skills

Can you communicate simply and directly, avoiding jargon and corporate speak? Dull and uninspiring language makes people think you have a dull and uninspiring business.

I provide workshops and one-to-one coaching in business writing and communication skills. I specialise in helping people who don’t have the words ‘communications’, ‘PR’ or ‘marketing’ in their job titles, but who need to write or make presentations for work.

I don’t promise literary greatness, but with my help you’ll improve clarity and impact and be a more confident communicator.

Media interview skills

I also provide media skills training and coaching of you need to give a TV or radio interview, or be quizzed by a journalist. I can also help you to prepare for and manage the fallout from a crisis if you have a storm brewing. I’ve been there myself (when I had hair) and have appeared live on the BBC, Sky News, ITN and countless radio stations.

Here are some examples of training and coaching I’ve delivered:
  • Copywriting training to university staff
  • Media training voluntary groups around race relations issues
  • Coaching a senior executive to make a tricky presentation to staff
  • Producing ‘train the trainer’ and presentation materials for a national charity to support elderly people in preventing burglary

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Somebody put it very well when they said:

Writing is today’s currency for good ideas.

Look at how much people communicate by writing today. Texting, instant messaging and email have reduced the number of phone calls, while tweeting and blogging are making millions of people micro-authors.

What do your written communications say about your company or organisation? Clear writing reflects clear thinking – and if you communicate clearly, succinctly and in a way that engages people, you’ll be way ahead of many of your competitors.

I help people to communicate better and writing is part of everything I do, from brief, one-off pieces to very big projects. And I don’t just write; I also re-write and edit to ensure consistency, accuracy and clarity.

Here are some examples of writing projects I have delivered:
  • Researching and writing a series of case studies to show how the voluntary sector helps cut crime in the UK
  • Writing a series of customer letters and communications to help a company collect its debts more effectively
  • Co-ordinating and editing a successful bid for a multi-million pound lottery funded project focusing on social housing
  • Writing a series of guides to promote a new suite of AS and A-level qualifications
  • Writing web and promotional copy to promote training for the financial services industry in collecting debts from vulnerable customers
  • Writing a research report from qualitative data to inform a telecoms giant about its reputation with some its most important audiences – and doing similar work for a steel corporation and consumer electronics company
  • Drafting a speech for the president of a membership organisation
  • Writing a user-friendly user guide for a software application
  • Writing an application for a major national award

Why not get in touch to discuss how I can help.


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